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This Means War and Now. hahaha

i hope matt doesn’t hug anyone at the end of the video

such a powerful message

Credits to the owner.

— Anonymous: Eu não disse que a foto tinha sido tirada em Maryland, eu quis dizer que pelas fotos do show você poderia ver como o cabelo do Brian estava diferente. As fotos não são do dia 16, apenas foram postadas nesse dia. Não quis ser grossa. :)

Ok, não tem problema. Sim! E eu já tinha concordado com isso nas outras Asks! 


I only have one thing to say… The photos I posted yesterday, really were posted on the 16th July! By Michelle’s cousin (I think it’s). So that was the info I had, if I was wrong, sorry for that! But if you want to start bitching, go fuck yourselve! I did not give the wrong information on purpose! .. As others do.

— Anonymous: That pic of brian was NOT taken on 16th july. This day Avenged Sevenfold made a show in Maryland Heights and in the photos of this show you can see the difference on Brian's hair. It's clear.

You are wrong! This picture maybe weren’t taken in July! But this is not from a show in Maryland, ok?!  Thanks.

— Anonymous: are these girls brian's or michelle's family?
— Anonymous: This is Michelle' Family ou Brian's ?

I think they are part of the twins family, but i don’t have sure.

— Anonymous: I think these photos was not taken in July

If these photos were not taken in July they were POSTED.

— Anonymous: Hi, are those girls in the Photo with Syn from July 16th, fans? Or are they his family? Thanks :)

From the family. They are not fans.

— Anonymous: are you sure it's this year? didn't he have shaved sides?